4 Websites that earn you money testing apps.

Get Paid to Test Websites


One of the simplest ways to make money online is by becoming an online website tester.

Don’t be scared by the word tester. You don’t have to be an app developer or know coding to become a tester almost anyone can become a tester.

Before launching an app, companies or app development teams test their apps or its prototype with a group of beta testers. Beta testers help in fixing usability issues.

So do you want to be a tester? or can you become a tester? Read down below.

What do you need to become a tester?

To become a tester you need to have these things.

  1. A computer(Sometimes requires your phone)
  2. An internet connection
  3. An earphone with a mic
  4. A webcam(Not always required)

.What do you do in-app testing?

No, you don’t need to be a tech geek to become a tester. All that’s usually expected is for you to use the app as a normal user and express your experience as you use these sites; to get across what you like, and what you dislike.

You get to test new web and mobile sites and give your user experience, opinion, and recommendations to clients! 

How long will it take to complete a test?

Testing websites can take between 10 -20 minutes. Most of these testing websites will require you to record your screen and voice so that you can voice your opinions and give feedback as you go.

Some tests might require you to turn on your camera. These sessions are live sessions and can take up to 30minutes.

How much can you earn?

Website testing isn’t designed to be your full-time job and won’t replace your steady income, because you won’t get tests all the time. Sometimes you would get 10 tests a day or none at all.

 However, it can be a quick way to earn some money just by spending 10 to 15 minutes.

You will get paid $10 for tests that take 10 – 20 minutes. You will be paid more for live tests. These prices can be different for different testing sites.

(FYI – You will need a PayPal account to receive payments)

Create a PayPal Account if you don’t have one.

4 Best App testing websites (2021)


         UserTesting is one of the best websites out there that pay you for testing websites. Brands like Microsoft, IBM, Disney Park, Alaska Airlines, and many use these platforms for testing their websites.

From the user testing side, you get $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute test you complete. 

I get 1-2 of these tests per week. Occasionally you may be able to take part in a live test where you are being interviewed. These tests will pay you $30 and can take up to 30minutes.

Join as a tester https://www.usertesting.com/get-paid-to-test

Tip: Leave the UserTesting dashboard open at all times because the tests go to whoever is online FIRST.


Unlike other testing websites, UTest provides you a lot more than just money. starting at Utest it would feel a bit overwhelming at first. You might take a few weeks to receive your first sandbox test which is a practice test.

But don’t feel down stay with it and the more experience you have with the site more tests you would get.

Unlike other testing websites here you connect with your utest community. You can follow, make friends and do a lot more.

Use the site’s courses and forums for better results.

You earn badges on UTest to help boost the visibility of your profile and to earn a currency called uPoints.

So, what you’ll be doing on UTest will be looking for bugs in a piece of software. The pay varies for each test cycle, but you can expect $5 per bug on average.

To become a tester go to https://www.utest.com/


Here each test can range about 10-20 minutes. It’s similar to user testing. The payment will be $10 on each successful test.

There will be a qualification test and you have to pass that to test real apps and websites.

You can make money here. But the number of tests you receive here is low.

The number of testers they hire is low so sometimes they won’t hire new testers. You can just try joining them after a month or two.

Join UserFeel as a tester https://app.userfeel.com/register/tester



 Payment depends on the complexity of the study. For studies that record think out loud audio and video, you can expect to make $10 on average. For standard surveys, the payment is $2 on average.

Here tasks may dry up now and then, so I recommend signing up to other credible sights to fill your free time.

Pay is either 5 US dollars or 8 US dollars. The shortest time to complete a study is 10 minutes. The longest time to complete a study is 35 minutes. 

I ranked this site in the 5th position because the number of tests you may receive is low. Payment can come up to 21 days or 21 working days after completion of the study. 

Go to https://www.intellizoom.com to become a tester

Personal Experience in-app testing

App testing is better than just earning some quick money online. It’s fun to try out new apps or websites that haven’t been launched.

Who knows maybe you might beta test the next Facebook.

My Review on UserTesting

The best one of the above and the one that I always use is UserTesting. I have been using it for more than 2 years and still, it earns me some side income The income is not steady but still I get $10 just by spending 10 mins or so. 

I get qualified for a moderate amount of tests which is good.

Don’t take UserTesting as a job but take it as a quick way to make money in less time. And I get a lot of tests per day but I will be qualified only for 2,3 or sometimes 0. But still, you will earn some income through it.

A shortguide on UserTesting

Signing Up as a Tester

First, you need to sign up on UserTesting as a Tester and after that, they will ask you to do a qualification test to join as a tester on UserTesting. 

They will review the test and will mail you if you have passed the test or not.

Note: Take the test seriously and do well because they will only qualify you if you have done the test right.

Taking on Tests

If you have passed the test then you are ready to start taking official tests on the website.

 Now all you need is to open UserTesting dashboard on the browser whenever you are using your pc. Because the tests go to the first person available on the site.

It will take a while to receive your first test but just hold on to it.

You will get several tests on your dashboard, answer the questions for the test to check if you qualify for the test. If you qualify you have to just attend the test and it will take at most 20 minutes and you are done. Your payment will be in your PayPal account in 7 days.

If you are qualified for a live test then the test would take about 30 minutes and after the completion of the test, $30 will be your payment.

How to Get More tests on User Testing

  • Have a higher rating:

          Test hosts will review your test. So the number of tests you receive depends on your rating. Higher the rating higher your chances of getting more tests and vice versa.

  • Open User Testing On Your dashboard:

            The test goes to people who are available first, so always open userTesting on your dashboard.

See it’s easy and fun to do tests and not much stress or effort to take. just give your honest replies and that’s it!

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Happy Testing …

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