How To Remember Everything You Read.

How much do you remember about the last book you read?

We can read 10, 20, or 100 books a year but the problem is, most of us forget 90% of what we read. Studies show that your memory of a particular thing decays if you don’t engage with it.

So how can you remember the things you read? Let’s find out.

Always remember that we only learn and apply only some parts of what we read from a book.

5 Methods to Remember Everything You Read .

Active Reading

Active reading is reading for the comprehension of the book. Most of us are passive readers who don’t absorb the things they read.

Separate essential from unessential information, then connect with this vital information beyond just reading the text.

So become an active reader by understanding those things you read, instead of just reading up and throwing them away.

To know more difference between active reading and passive reading.

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Highlighting And Marking

Highlight the important parts instead of trying to memorize them.

This will keep you engaged with the book, helping you to memorize what you are reading. 

Use a pen or highlighter for highlighting. Instead of highlighting all points, you can also mark sentences or paragraphs on less important parts. This can save you time rather than drawing lines the whole book. 

When you examine the book later, it would be easier for you to separate the important from the unimportant parts.

Take Small Notes

Takedown notes after reading your book every day. Taking notes while reading will slow you down and additionally break the flow of reading.

 You can write down your notes on the back of your pages in the book.

Remember: We are not trying to write an essay about this, just write the key points that you find useful. 

For example, I found links to many resources in the book The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. So instead of marking these links while reading, I wrote down these links on the last page of my book so that it’s easy to find. 

Write Reviews

Write reviews of the book you read-whether you loved the book or not.

This is a creative way to remember what you read. It will also help other readers decide on whether to buy the boor or not.

Reviewing helps you to connect with the book from start to finish. You would get a better understanding of the book as a whole.

And as I said this also helps other readers.

Platforms like Online Book Club pay you for writing reviews on books.

Apply what you have learned

 Implement what you have learned from the book into your real life. Most of us who read books get inspired by the book and will just leave it there.

We always want to fill the exercises in the book, but we finish the book and put it back on the shelf.

If we don’t apply it in our life, we will forget what we read. There is no point in learning things like improving your personal life, business, or health from books if you are not going to apply them.

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